Social Media Can Hurt You After An Auto Accident

August 5, 2018

Everyone uses social media on a regular basis and usually don’t’ put a lot of thought into what’s posted, shared with them, etc. However, there are certain occasions when it is important to pay close attention to the things being posted on social media. This includes after an auto accident that you plan to file a lawsuit against. In fact, your attorney may recommend that you avoid posting any information pertaining to the accident until after the case is resolved. Heed this information because it is important.

After an accident, you must not talk to other people about details of the event if it is going to be a matter in court in the future, at least on a social media setting that can be accessed by almost anyone. There are many reasons to avoid talk about the accident. Most importantly, the information posted to the sites can be used against you if it gets into the wrong hands. So many people wrongly assume that by posting photos and information privately, it is inaccessible to others. This is untrue and may even be accessible if it is deleted.

You may get into a discussion with a friend or even someone whom you’re friends with who is facing a similar situation, about the accident and say something that can be used against you. Whether in the comments section of a post or in a DM, this information can be devastating when you go to court if the opposite side gets the information. You never know whose eyes are watching you, especially when you’re filing a lawsuit and have attorneys who are also working against you.

Do not assume that what you post will only be seen by a certain group of people. Many people post content with this assumption and it comes back to haunt them later. This could be the same scenario in your life as well. Although you may limit the audience, there are many different ways that the information can get into the wrong hands and potentially be used against you when court day arrives. Why take such a risk when it is easy to avoid discussion about the accident on social media and this risk altogether? If you need to discuss the accident to anyone, do so in person. It will certainly avoid a lot of headaches.

Although you can still use and enjoy social media sites to the fullest after an accident, even promote your business and buy active Instagram followers, it advisable that you don’t talk about this incident on any level. No site is safe to discuss the details of an accident, whether it is Facebook or Instagram or one of the other great networks that you frequent. It is possible to share photos and status updates and keep your friends and followers updated about your life. But, make sure that posting details about the accident isn’t something that you do.