What Social Media Sites Should You Use?

July 5, 2018

Social media sites are designed for anyone and everyone who wants to interact with others through various forms of media through an online-based platform. Approximately 80% of the population uses these sites, whether for entertainment, to socialize, for dating purposes, or to promote themselves and their business. Dozens upon dozens of social media sites exist, and while it would certainly be nice to be active on each of them, it is simply impossible.

So, which of the sites should you create an account with and enjoy to the fullest? This is not a simple answer. The best networking sites for you depend upon your exact goals while using the site. Some people simply want to keep things simple and correspond with family and friends. Other people like to meet new people and want to increase clout.  Singers, small business owners, and others use the site to spread the word of their existence.

Once you decide how you’ll use social media it is much easier to determine which of the sites are most deserving of your time. Of course, some sites are pretty popular and can help you with a few different goals.  It is their versatility that helped them rise to the top, after all. Some of the most popular sites that you may want to create an account with includes:


YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world. Millions of people have channels on the site where they upload various types of videos. This is a great site for artists and businesses, as well as for anyone who wants to voice their opinion on various matters.


Facebook is the top networking site out there today. Billions of people use the site and love every second of that experience. Create a page, add friends, meet new people, join groups and forums, lean, promote, and otherwise spend time on the site having a great time. If you own a business or offer a talent to the world, you can even create a page and show off your talents using this platform.


IG is the photo-sharing site for young people. Most users are under 29 years old. The site is popular because of the filters that enhance photos. It is easy to socialize with others and even buy Instagram followers cheap to help increase your clout. A lot of people love the site, with more than 400 million daily users to prove the fact.


If short and sweet is the way that you like it, Twitter has what you need. Say what you will in 150-characters or less. This site has a mixed bag of users who promote, share, and interact with friends.


If you have a Google account, you also have a Google+ account, so create it and use it to your advantage. Post photos, stories, updates, news, and other information as you choose.  It is easy to keep up with what is going on in other people and businesses’ worlds using this site.